Sunday, December 17, 2023

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Grand Rapids Public Museum

Upstairs near the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS display. There is a long staircase, and an elevator that holds about five musicians and horns at a time.

Registration:  noon

in the classrooms: socialize, pizza and pop provided

Rehearsal: 1 pm

in the auditorium right next to the classrooms

Please bring your own music stand


Concert: 3 pm

Downstairs, on the Galleria floor under the Fin whale
If you can help transfer horns and music stands to the first floor, thank you!



Use the GRPM parking deck; it's across Front Ave behind the Holiday Inn. Bring in your ticket to be validated.

Last year we were offered additional parking on the lowest level of the structure; enter by the Holiday Inn sign, and turn left to reach the parking deck.
If you play a large heavy instrument, bring a driver to drop you off at the front door!


GRPM has plenty of chairs and places to sit. Those will be unstacked and arranged for comfortable seating. (In 2022 we had 100 participants, which was unexpected. The space is flexible and we'll re-arrange ourselves for this year.)

But there's no reason you have to stay in one spot! Feel free to move around, go up or downstairs, grab a bite  in the cafe, wander the Streets of Old Grand Rapids. You'll be able to hear us throughout the building.